What is Real Estate Matchmaking? THE SJ CHILDS SHOW

You know what a real estate agent is, but what is a real estate matchmaker? Learn More in this episode with Real Estate Consultant and Matchmaker Matthew Dickerson.https://www.facebook.com/matchmakerre…https://www.instagram.com/matchmaker_…THE SJ CHILDS SHOW:To find out more information about our show or to be a guest go to:https://linkfly.to/30124nzS2q5https://www.buymeacoffee.com/SJCHILDSYou can find our children's books at:https://sjchilds.org/
  1. What is Real Estate Matchmaking?
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  3. Financial Education with Kenny Ingersoll
  4. Autism-Life, Love, and Success with Anthony Ianni
  5. Shaping Success with Wes Tankersley
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